Skull Decor

Skull Decor

Pick a bone for a ghastly room touch

Skulls are pretty popular as a decor item. And they run the gamut from cute pink ones with bows to incredibly scary ones with flames. Add in colorful ones for the day of the dead and eye-patched ones for pirates and there is quite the range to choose from! I’ve tried to go with options that would work for just about anyone, even ones with crossbones like in the picture here. Well, when I could. Some things are too cool to leave out. But somewhere in here is bound to be a skull that will work in a teen’s bedroom, no problem. I really wanted to not have pirate-y designs with eye patches, but it’s pretty tough to avoid them.

Skull Furniture Selections

I know. Pink. And more pink. Still, some very cute choices here, if not ghastly. They should ask me to design some pieces. I have some great ideas! Until then, these are some of the few furniture pieces I could find that would work for kids. I do love the pirate ones, but … well, they’re pirates and I’m not entirely sure I think they look that comfortable. (Not that it matters. If they’re like most kids, yours will be using it as a clothes rack anyway!)

Newco Kids Tulip Chair, Minky Hot Pink

Rugs For The Floor

Skulls & Crossbones Rug 5′ x 7′

Skull Decor

Kikkerland Skull Coin Bank

Black/White Skull Treasure Chest/Trinket Box 13 In.

Pink Weekly Whiteboard



On The Edge Marketing Flaming Neon Clock

from: Wayfair

Danger Mines Vintage Metal Sign – 12W x 18H in.

Skull and Cross Bone Acrylic Mirror Clock 40cm X 25cm

Celtic Knotwork Human Skull Bookends Stash Boxes

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