Bird Crib Bedding

Bird Crib Bedding

Every time I turn around these days, there’s a new crib set with birds on it. Definitely a hot design trend at the moment (not even counting all the owls) and styles are starting to show up in more and more color combinations that don’t involve pink. Thank goodness. There’s nothing specifically girly about birds, so it’s nice to see designs that build on that fact.

I’ve got things divided by pinks and blues, along with a group of colors that qualify as neutrals, like the black and yellow set here, which I love. There is a ruffle, but still, very dramatic and great colors.

Pink and Purple Bird Crib Bedding Sets

Perfect designs for a girl nursery, full of flowers and scalloped edges and tree houses and polka dots. You’ll find a lot of green paired with the pink and purple, which makes sense since it is a gender-neutral shade to pair and opposite the pink on a color wheel. There’s also some that include some blue, but in a light shade that works just fine for a girl.

Pinwheel Sweet Tweet 3-Piece Crib Bedding Set


Bananafish 3 Piece Crib Set, Love Bird

Blue Bird Baby Bedding

No blue birds exactly, just birds on blue. Or birds colored blue on white backgrounds. We’ve got some green in there as well, which makes sense as the leaves on a branch tend to be that color. Nice beautiful combinations here with a general bird shape. But also two designs with some very specific birds – peacocks and ducks.

Pam Grace Creations 10 Piece Lovebirds Nursery to Go Crib Bedding Set


SoHo Quack Quack Ducks Baby Crib Nursery Bedding Set 13 pcs included Diaper Bag with Changing Pad & Bottle Case

Neutral-Colored Bird Crib Bedding Sets

Yellows, grays and browns make these sets perfect for either gender. The designs are actually pretty strong graphically, which makes them feel a little less than girly, although all the ruffles push us back that way. Your call, but it is nice to have these as options if they fit into your personal style a little better.

Snuggleberry Baby Nightie Night Owl 5 Piece Crib Bedding Set


MiGi 3 Piece Crib Set, Sweet Sunshine

Bird Blankets

NoJo Love Birds Coral Fleece Blanket


Hudson Baby 2 Piece Interlock Cotton Swaddle Blanket, Blue Birds


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