Skull Bedding

Skull Bedding From Cute to Fearsome

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When you think skull bedding, you might think hard-ass, creepy, bikers, tattoos. But ya know, some of these bedding sets border on down-right cute. There’s a range for all types, from winged tattoos style to cute pink designs.

And they aren’t just in black and white anymore; there are sets with pink, blue, green and red to choose from.

For younger kids, you might want to stick with the more cartoony designs. They’re cute and typically in more kid-friendly colors like pink and blue. Teens might like the more dramatic skulls that look a bit more like tattoos or Ghost Rider – the Ed Hardy set for example.

The styles I’ve chosen for this page come with crossbones, by themselves and occasionally with bows. The focus is definitely on designs that aren’t pirate-y kinds, though.

Pink Skull Bedding

A great girly combination

I know, it seems like a weird combination in some ways. After all, skulls are supposed to be tough and scary and edgy. So pairing them with pink might seem odd, but it’s a hot trend. Even with tough girls. Don’t believe me? There are as many bedding sets with pink as almost all the others combined!

pink and black bedding set with skulls, leopard and zebra prints
Veratex Pink Comforter Set

Black images on pink paired with leopard and zebra prints

Kess InHouse Nick Atkinson Skull Duvet Cover

Pink Cookie Skull Sheet Set

Black Skull Bedding

Now, these are like you expect to see them

Skulls are definitely supposed to be dark, right? These sets provide that effect, sometimes paired with a bit of red. But mostly a combination of black and white.

Sin in Linen White Skull and Crossbones and Nautical Stars on Black Duvet Cover

Twin-king sizes
Tiny repeating stars and skulls on the cover

Veratex Floral Skull Reversible Comforter Set

Twin and full sizes
Definitely fits in the creepy skull category

Skurvy Skull Crossbones Comforter – Paul Frank

The skull and crossbones are appliqued on the front
Check out the coordinating sheets and pillow below

White Skull Bedding

Or cream. We’re flexible.

These sets are mostly white or cream with typically black as the design of the skulls. These are mostly sheet sets, which makes sense since they’re white.

Street Revival Winged Skull Queen Sheet Set, Multi

white sheet set with gray and black skulls
David and Goliath “Skulls” Microfiber Sheet Set

Expressions Microfiber Skull Twin Sheet Set
Expressions Microfiber Skull Sheet Set

$23.99 at Overstock

Paul Frank Skurvy Sheet Set

Such a cute version of skulls in the Paul Frank style

Other Colors of Skull Bedding

Here’s where we find the reds, blues and greens

Black and white are perfect color choices for skull designs, but sometimes you just need to go with a little bit of color. And not in a drippy blood kind of way. Instead, we have blue flowers, red eye patches and even a brown bedding set.

Street Beat, Single Bedding

£12.95 at Children’s Rooms UK

ed hardy skull duvet set with red and white
Ed Hardy Duvet Set

Very typical of Ed Hardy’s style with the flowing red hair (on a skull!) and blue flowers

Ed Hardy Eagle King Duvet Set, Gold Embroidery on Brown

More typical Ed Hardy design with eagles and snakes along with the skull

Duvet Cover Blue Skull with Bow

Skulls and Crossbones Sheet Set

Sin in Linen Embroidered Red Duvet Cover

Day of the dead styled design embroidered on center
Also available in twin and king sizes

Skull Comforter COMPLETE Bed in a Bag

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