Heart Decor

Red hearts, pink hearts. Blue hearts, green hearts. Whatever color you go with, it’s easy to spread a few around to decorate your bedroom with these great decor items.

Add them to the wall with beautiful art pieces like the one pictured here, to the floor with plush rugs, to the shelves with cute knick-knacks. There’re plenty of love to go around!

The nice thing with most of these is that they can be worked into any kind of bedroom theme, not just a heart-oriented one. It’s a suitably girly image that appeals to tweens and teens and doesn’t have to be the theme of the room for them to want to add a few. Just pair them up by style and color with the current theme and you’re good.

Heart Lights and Lamps

Well, our hearts get all warm and glowy when we’re in love, right? So it’s only appropriate to start with the lighting choices out there!

Heart Marquee Wall Light

At PBTeen.com

Glitter Heart Paper Heart Nightlight

At PotteryBarnKids.com

cloud island LED Light Box Heart

At Target.com

NoJo® Lamp & Shade

At Target.com

Cameron Shades Acrylic Heart Lamp

At PotteryBarnKids.com

Semi-flush Ceiling Light Fixture

A bit more permanent addition to the room.

Heart Decor for Around the Room

Hang them on the wall, put them on the shelf – it’s easy to add a love touch!

Gracie Oaks Elsworth Heart Wall Accent Shelf

At jossandmain.com

Gracie Oaks Donna Heart Galvanized Metal Wall Shelf

At jossandmain.com

Heart-Shaped Memo Board

At TheCompanyStore.com

Wall Hook Hanger in Wrought Iron

Heart Rugs

Pink, red, gray even – hearts come in all colors in room decor and the ones on the heart rugs here are no exception. Which makes them great to finish out a bedroom theme or to blend in with just about any other theme for a girls bedroom. Go with a small shaped design or big and bold with a style that will fill the floor. Lots of choices!

Heart to Heart Rug

Exclusively At CrateandBarrel.com

Heart Dot Rug

At PotteryBarnKids.com

Premium Heart Rug

At PotteryBarnKids.com

Night Flash Glow-In-The-Dark

NXT-GEN Hearts Medallion Olefin Area Rug

at Walmart.com

Heart Rugs
Red Flowered Kids Area Style

at Wayfair.com

Heart Rugs
Fantasia Red Shaped Design

at Wayfair.com

Heart Rugs
LA Rug Pink Rug

Safavieh Kids Heart 7-Foot x 8-Foot Area Rug

At BedBathBeyond.com

Puffy Love Rug

At Project Nursery
blush colored heart cushion stitched on

Faux Sheepskin Heart Area Rug

At Project Nursery
Choose from pink, white, lavender and vintage pink

Heart Furniture Selections

Lavender Rainbow Heart Anywhere Chair

At PotteryBarnKids.com

Heart Nod Chair

At CrateandBarrel.com

Heart Youth Twin Headboard

At JCPenney.com

Gorgeous Heart Artwork

Puzzled Heart Wall Art

At Project Nursery

Water Color Heart Art Print

from: Frecklebox.com
Available in two sizes

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