Barbie Wall Decals

Everyone’s favorite doll comes to the bedroom with Barbie wall decals. Whether in modern garb or as princess, you can do your space up right with your favorite fashion maven!

We’ve got a couple of different styles here – some direct from the movies like the dancing princesses shown here and others that are image of actual toys. And even some in the more modern (and young!) looking artwork you’ll find in book versions. But all in about a hundred shades of pink it seems like. Although, we know she has her own distinct shade for sure.

Barbie Wall Decals

Here’s where we really see how our favorite doll has changed over the years. The newer set designs include the cartoon version of her based on the style in current books, while a couple other sets use photographic images of the girls.

While the walls in the pictures are painted pink, you’ll want to make sure you have enough contrast for the images to show up well since they also have quite a bit of pink in them.

Peel and Stick Wall Decals – Barbie


Barbie vinyl wall art decal

Your choice of several colors

Barbie Girl Wall Decal Smashed 3D


Barbie & Friends Large Wall Decal Set


Barbie Large Windows Wall Decal Set


Barbie Large Wall or Headboard Decal


Barbie Large Heart Shaped Wall Decal Set


Funtosee Décor Barbie Wall Decal Kit

At AmazonUK
Very retro style versions of the doll and images
Set of 48, Pinks And Pastels
Lots of heart shapes and heads, along with more than a few shoes

African American Barbie Jumbo Stick Up – Wall Decal

Barbie Wall Border Designs

Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses Peel & Stick Wall Border

Barbie Malibu Border

Barbie Rock and Roll Border

BARBIE Murals Glamour Stick-Ups Wallpaper Border Mural

Massive Murals

Barbie Chair Rail Prepasted Mural

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