Tinker Bell Wall Decals

Add some magic and laughter to your little girl’s bedroom with Tinker Bell wall decals featuring her and the whole Disney Fairies crew! They’re a great finishing touch for a complete Tinker Bell bedroom or just a way to bring in a hint of Disney magic.

I’ve actually put a set of these up in my niece’s bedroom. Well, in her little cave – she has the bottom bunk, so we placed them on the sides of the bed and the wall behind her head in what is really her only personal space in the room. They went up great and now she sleeps with Fawn, Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta and Tinker Bell herself. She loved them. Simple way to give your little girl Disney without doing the entire room up.

Tinker Bell Wall Decals

Tinker Bell Wall Decals
Tinker Bell Fathead Jr

Vintage Tinker Bell Wall Graphics
Vintage Tinker Bell Wall Graphics

At RoommatesDecor.com

  • Six wall stickers that assemble to form a image of Tinker Bell
  • Text that spells, “Tink”
  • Tinker Bell themed wall stickers to use as fillers on the wall

Best Disney Fairy Friends Wall Decals
Best Disney Fairy Friends Wall Decals

At RoommatesDecor.com

Tinker Bell Headboard Giant Wall Decal
Headboard Design

At RoomMates
Text reads “Never give up your dreams”
Astrick-y stars and hearts make up the edging of the board

Tinker Bell Giant Wall Decal with Glitter
Tinker Belle Giant Decal with Glitter

At RoomMates
Assembled size 27.5″ x 30.125″

Tinker Bell Giant Wall Decal with Alphabet
Giant Decal with Alphabet

At RoomMates
Same as above, but with letters to customize the design

Disney Fairies Wall Decals with Glitter
Disney Fairies Decal Set with Glitter

At RoomMates
Designs range from 7.25″ x 13.6″ to 1″ x 2″
30 stickers total

Tinker Bell Wall Decals
Disney Fairies Movie Appliqué

This is the set I did for my niece. Includes fairies, their names and some flowers
Really nicely sized, so they took up quite a bit of room even spread around a bit.

Tinker Bell Wall Decals
Very Fairy Self-Stick Room Appliqués

Eight different Tinks, looking very like the classic drawn design

Very Fairy 4-Piece Self-Stick Art

Each square is 11.5″

Blue Mountain Wallcoverings Tinker Bell Self-Stick Decorating Kit

Tinker Bell Wallpaper Designs

You can put your stickers right on top!

Fairy Stripe Wallpaper

Pre-pasted rolls
Available in green, pink and purple at RoomMates
Add wall decals right on top or a border

Tinker Bell Wall Border Designs

I Believe in Fairies Border

At RoomMates
Choose from pink or white
Pre-pasted, not repositionable

Blue Mountain Wallcoverings Tinker Bell Denim Prepasted Wall Border

Blue Mountain Wallcoverings Very Fairy Tinker Bell Self-Stick Wall Border

Magical Tinker Bell Murals

Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Periwinkle – Photo Wallpaper – Wall Mural

At Amazon.co.uk

Blue Mountain Wallcoverings Tinker Bell Self-Stick Mini Wall Mural

Disney Fairies “Tinker Bell” Mini Mural

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