Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Cool growth chart to learn as well as measure

growth chartDid your parents mark your height along a door frame? Great idea if you never plan to move and don’t mind having the woodwork in the family room all marked up.

Growth charts are a cool alternative. They’re easy to hang, easy to move and easy to save forever. (Unlike the door jam!)

One of the coolest ones I’ve found recently is this¬†I’m As Big As Height Comparison Wall Chart¬†over at Amazon. It does more than just measure how tall you are, it measures how tall you are against odd things like the height of a prehistoric rodent and largest known watermelon. Your child will be standing on their tip-toes to finally be as high as the Pygmy goat.

One caveat to this growth chart. It’s from the UK, so everything’s in the metric system. (Good chance to bone up on your conversion skills.) The items on the chart are also pretty UK-centric and done in English currency as well. So pound on this chart is referring to money, not weight.

The design is bright and modern, making it appropriate for any child. Not to mention a great way to kick off a regular research project to figure out just what is a Pygmy goat!