Kids Bedroom Ideas

Look! I’m a … . Bedding you can be!

A lot of kids bedroom themes are based on some dream job the child thinks they want someday. (My niece wants to be a purple unicorn. Just saying.)

So, it’s no wonder space, auto racing, ballet and under water themes are among the most popular. And I absolutely am in love with two lines of bedding that take the “wanna be” concept just a bit further.

With each of these, the bedding puts a dressed up body on the top of the duvet cover or comforter, with a “head” design on the pillow right where your child’s head would go. Every night, they go to bed being an astronaut or mermaid or whatever else tickles their fancy.

There are two different brands at work here. The Snurk ones take a more simple approach with just the costume on a plain white background. All of Snurk’s are duvet covers sized for US bedding – mostly twin, although they have started releasing a few bigger sizes. The Dream Big brand puts your child in context under the water or at the race track, all on a twin comforter. Bonus of adding more colors and action, as well as not having so much white in a child’s room.

I’ve arranged the ones available right now by design so you can see the two astronauts and two princesses side by side. Those are the only themes that overlap between the two brands. I could so see cowboy joining this list since it has the requisite specialized headgear. But I have to admit I’m failing to think of others for girls. Ideas?