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Scoping out some magical fairy tale wall art

cinderella canvas wall artFairy tales are a popular place to start with a theme for a child’s room. You can go with super child-like, cartoony images – easy enough to find those – but there are at least two options I’ve run into lately that provide more elegant, grown-up style for you.

The great benefit to these pieces of fairy tale wall art is that they can grow with your child, no matter what theme(s) they eventually decorate with. The colors of both lines I found tend to be fairly muted, and the interpretive art of the second set is easy adapted to a non-fairy tale room.

The Picture It On Canvas fairy tale art line, which includes the Cinderella piece here, is very into flat silhouettes. The colors and certain elements definitely seem to be influenced by Disney options, but they include several stories that haven’t been Disney-fied as yet.

With a slightly different take is Trademark Fine Art’s line by Christian Jackson. His stuff is far more abstract and muted, although the art itself is just as flat. The line includes a far greater selection of stories, including Mary Poppins and The Pied Piper, among others. Jackson generally takes one single element of the story to use as the artwork. So an apple for Snow White, bowls of porridge for Goldilocks and some undies for The Emperor’s New Clothes.