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Zombie pillow pets – child appropriate?

OK – before I start, I’m not a big zombie fan. But one of my nephews is. He’s 7. Which kind of knocks him out of the age range for any of the actual zombie media, really.

So who knows why he’s obsessed with them, but he is. When I ran across these zombie pillow pets, I immediately thought of them for him for Christmas. After all, pillow pets are perfect for that age range. They even come in a boy zombie complete with office worker attire (Shaun of the Dead anyone?) and a zombie girl who obviously needed a bib when she was eating her brains. They fold with the front of the character to the outside.

Boy Zombie Pillow PetsGirl zombie Pillow Pets

But … .

Really, is that an appropriate gift for a 7-year-old? Got me wondering. Have any thoughts?